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Buford's Biscuits is a simple, comfy southern restaurant with a focus on traditional cathead biscuits. These biscuits are served as a ubiquitous accompaniment to any meal because of their perfect ability to act as a simple vessel for butter, jams and gravies or the outer layer to a delectable fried chicken or VA ham sandwich, your options are endless. 

Buford Barrett, Lauren's father, is from a small Appalachian town in Southwest Virginia named Clintwood which is in Dickenson County. It was here that her Mamaw Nina and family on both sides learned from their elders the beauty and simplicity of Appalachian cuisine which would eventually be passed down to her and her sister. Charles and Lauren want to bring the comfort and joy of this food to our community. We would like nothing more than to see your smiling faces when you enjoy a giant, locally sourced biscuit sandwich paired with a libation or pop from one of our friends right down the street. That is how we will know we've done our job. We can't wait to see y'all!